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Frequent questions

1. How do I make a reservation for a stay at Villa Shaday?

    - The client must make the reservation through our website at You must select the date of entry and exit and press the "Search" and "Book Now" button to show you the total price of your stay. Once your reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions and information on how to make your $200 deposit payment. the depThis must be paid the same day you register your reservation or otherwise the reservation made will be cancelled.

2. What are the entry and exit times (Check in - Check out)?

   - The check-in time for your stay begins at 3:00 PM and check-out will be on or before 12 noon._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

3. How many people can stay in my stay?

    - A maximum of 10 people can stay  during your stay. The price for your stay will be the same regardless of the number of people staying, but it will not be more than 10 people.

4. How many rooms, beds and bathrooms does the villa have?

   - A master bedroom with bathroom, a queen and a twin bed, a 2nd bedroom with a full and twin bed, and a 3rd bedroom with two bunk beds ( 4 twin) for a total of 10 beds. All rooms have air conditioners. It has an additional bathroom in the main hallway and a half bathroom in the gazebo area.

5. What payment methods can I use to make the reservation?

    - When you register your reservation you will have the option to pay the entire stay using Paypal, or choose the "Pay Off Line" option to receive instructions in the email on how to make your payment of the deposit of $200 by ATH MÓVIL. If you wish to pay the deposit with PAYPAL, you will also choose the "Pay Off Line" option to receive instructions in the email on how to make your deposit payment with Paypal. Once your deposit is paid, your stay is confirmed and the balance must be paid at least 10 days before the date of your stay.

6. Do you allow pets?

   - We are animal lovers. However, due to past experiences, and in order for the facilities to remain in optimum condition, we have had to make the decision not to accept pets at Villa Shaday.

7. What should I bring for my stay?

    - The house has a kitchen equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, kitchen utensils, and BBQ. You will only have to bring your personal hygiene items, dish soap, blanket to wrap yourself in, toilet paper and towels.

8. How is the Check In process?

    - Once you pay the balance of your stay we will send you a PDF document with instructions for your stay and how to get to Villa Shaday. You will arrive at the property and once you are in the place, you will call us by phone to give you the instructions on the keys and access, as explained in the document sent.

9. Are birthdays or private activities allowed?

    - Due to insurance limitations, the property is not allowed or rented for private activities such as birthdays, "pool parties" or any other activity that involves participation of people outside the group that is staying. If this rule is violated, the stay may be cancelled. 

10. How far from the beach is the property? 

     - Villa Shaday is conveniently located just two to three minutes from Playa Combate, and less than 7 minutes from Playa Sucia or La Playuela and the Lighthouse.

11. Will I lose the money paid from the deposit if for any reason I want to cancel my stay?

      - To have the option of being refunded the money paid for the deposit, your cancellation must be made at least 15 days before the date of your stay. If canceled after said term, you would not be entitled to a refund of the deposit. This is specified at the time of completing the reservation, where you will see a link to theas "Property Policies" and indicates that by registering the reservation the person agreesthat you have read and accepted the same. will be responsibleclient's responsibility to read them to make sure they agree before making a reservation.

12. If I am interested in a stay, until when do I have to reserve?

     - Our reservation system is open, since anyone can enter our website and register a reservation at any time, for this reason it will be subject to the date when you decide to book still being available. Dates are not reserved without payment of the corresponding deposit.

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